Use dough from Linda's Cheese Cake. Spread with fingers on bottom of a 12 inch spring form pan. Turn up edges like pizza. Pierce with fork.

Apple Filling

20 Apples


Vanilla Pudding or Pie Filling, or Cornstarch


Handfull of Sugar

Peel and slice apples into small chunks. Simmer in large pot with a couple of chunks of butter. Apples should be half cooked and juicy. Cool apples. Add a little vanilla pudding or pie filling, or cornstarch to thicken. Put apples on top of crust. Add cinnamon and handfull of sugar and a little butter.


5 Eggs

¼ C. Sugar

1 pkg. Vanilla Sugar

20 oz. Sour Cream

Mix all ingredients together. Pour over apples and bake at 375~ for 1 hour.

If made at same time as Linda's Cheese Cake: Press dough into bottom of pan, put a little layer of cheesecake mixture on dough, add apples, then the filling topping. In a teaspoon take a little baking powder with a little sugar and sprinkle on top of cheese filling. Mix gently

Linda Padula