4 C. Flour

½ C. Sugar

2 tsp. Baking Powder heaping

2 pkg. Vanilla Sugar

2 Eggs

½ lb. Margarine room temperature

Mix together flour, sugar and baking powder. Mix well. Add vanilla sugar and mix. Add eggs and mix. Add margarine and mix. If dough does not stick together add more margarine up to a ¼ cup. Pat into large ball, then cut in half. Use ½ and store rest in freezer. Press into bottom of 12 inch spring form pan, taking care to come up over bottom edge where bottom and sides come together. Pierce with fork before filling. Put aside.


Stir sour cream first. Add all ingredients together, mix with electric mixer until ricotta is in small particles. Be sure not to scrape the lemon rind off of beaters. Mix baking powder and flour together and sprinkle on top of filling mixture. Mix gently. Pour into pan. Bake at 375~ for 1 hour or until lightly brown on top. fine bread crumbs can be put on top of cake.

Linda Padula