15-18 Italian Sponge Fingers

¾ C. Sweet Marsala

3 oz. Amaretti Biscuits

2 C. Coffee Ice Cream softened

2 C. Vanilla Ice Cream softened

2 oz Bittersweet Chocolate or Plain Chocolate Grated

Chocolate Curls or Sifted Cocoa Powder to decorate

Line a 4 cup soufflé dish with a large piece of damp muslin, letting it hang over the top edge. Trim the sponge fingers to fit the dish if necessary. Pour marsala into a shallow dish. Dip a sponge finger in the marsala, turning it quickly so that it becomes saturated but does not disintegrate. Stand it against the side of the dish sugared side out. Repeat with the remaining sponge fingers to line the dish fully. Fill in the base and any gaps around the side with any trimmings or sponge fingers cut to fit.

Put the ameretti biscuits in a large bowl and crush them with a rolling pin. Add the coffee ice cream and any remaining marsala and beat until mixed. Spoon into the sponge finger lined dish. Press the ice cream against the sponge to form and even layer with a hollow in the center. Freeze for 2 hours.

Put the vanilla ice cream and grated chocolate in a bowl and beat together until evenly mixed. Spoon into hollow center of the mold. Smooth the top, then cover with overhanging muslin. Place in freezer over night.

To serve, run a palette knife between the muslin and the dish, then unfold the top of the muslin. Invert a chilled serving plate on top of the zuccotto, then invert the two so the zuccotto is upside down on the plate. Carefully peel off the muslin. Decorate with chocolate curls, then sift cocoa powder or icing sugar over. Serve at once

In Italy there are special dome shaped molds for making this dessert, the name for which comes from the Italian word zucca meaning pumpkin. The shape will not be quite the same when made in a soufflé dish

Bonnie ( Bonita) Darkangelo