September 11th
Father Schiavi / Wujek - Calcaterra Funeral Homes

At our recent interview with San Francesco Parish’s Father Schiavi led us through fascinating territory, not only to the mountain town of Bergamo in Northern Italy (where Reverend Schiavi hails) but also through Papua New Guinea, where the pastor spend seventeen years ministering to the tribal people. Ordained in 1963, Father Schiavi became a missionary with PIME, an Italian missionary institute intended to foster the growth of the Christian communities entrusted to them as well as to respond to some of their more urgent needs for education and health care

Wujek-Calcaterra & Sons is one of the most widely recognized, and highly respected names in Detroit’s funeral business, due in part to it’s longevity in the business and it’s attention to detail at what is frequently one of the most emotional moments in a family’s life. That’s because the families of Wujek and Calcaterra, have been working together since 1963, when co-founders Edward J. Wujek and Lawrence M. Calcaterra, who had been roomates and fraternity brothers through college, went into business partnership.

Since then the tradition has been passed down to seven sons of the two families, and the Visionalist crew was honored to interview Michael Calciterra, who expressed the esteemed funeral home’s mission to assist those in need, with compassion and understanding.