September 10th
Fearais, Hand made pasta and bocce…what a day.

Today we filmed the Concourse D’Italiano at the Grosse Pointe Academy in Grosse Point Farms specially sponsored by Jeff Cauley of Cauley Ferrari and Maserati in West Bloomfield. The cold weather did not deter the Ferrari and other Italian sports car enthusiasts from gathering and marveling at the spectacular display of presion machines. High priced collectables of all colors and styles were parked on the front field of the school, with the beautiful Lake St Clair in the distance. Patrons were also treated to a buffet of delicacies provided by Ed Barbieri and his Restaurant Da Edoardo. There were many types of cheeses, breads, olives, balsamic vinegars, and olive oils served in the food tent.

We met up with Frank Campanale, the director of the Concourse event. A vibrant and knowledgeable Italian, Frank had many stories to tell our camera about his Italian heritage, and his family’s ties to the Italian and American automobile industries. We then met Kenneth Lingenfelter, a Ferrari collector, as he was showing off his new Ferrari Enzo to the crowd. Jeff Cauley pulled out all the stops and even had on location a new Maserati limited edition ..words can not express…all of this was to benefit a local charity. The night before this event Mr. Cauley hosted in his showroom a kick off celebration, needless to say we were very lucky to attend.

The Ventian Club

We gathered wonderful sound bytes and interviews from people, and are excited to have yet another exciting facet of our documentary under our belts. But our day was not over! We then headed over to the Venetian Club in Warren, Mi for their Annual Italian Family Picnic.

The Italian music was loud and festive, and the food smelled great. Little children were running and bouncing around together on a large inflatable obstacle course while their parents talked and reminisced in the big red and white striped tent. After filming some festive dancing, we made our way inside where a few older gentlemen were engrossed in a competitive game of Bocce Ball. The Venetian Club boasts three Bocce Ball courts in their facility, where they can hold various Bocce Ball tournaments throughout the year.

The most exciting part of the picnic was when two women started making homemade pasta. They kneaded the dough for awhile until it was time to roll it through the pasta cutter. They made spaghetti and linguini for people to take home and eat with their families.