September 13th
Two of Detroit’s most important when it comes to food

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing two great Italian businessmen.. Joe Vicari, owner of Andiamo Restaurants, and Anthony Tocco, owner of Carmela Foods.

Joe’s interview came first, at the Andiamo in Warren, Mi. We set up the shot in the dining room, overlooking set tables, wine bottles, and a gorgeous painted cloud ceiling. Joe arrived and was briefed by Keith a bit of the questions he was going to be asked. There were a lot of questions, and the interview took a while to get through, but Joe gave some great answers speaking from his heart about his dear friend Chef Aldo.

After the interview, we shot B-Roll around the restaurant, including shots of a few plates of food, which we got to sample. After seeing the employees in the kitchen hand-making several of the pasta dishes we tasted, it gave us a huge appreciation for Andiamo, and the hard work they put into presenting great Italian food.

Next we were off to Carmela Foods. Tony Tocco

Tony Tocco is arguable one of the most important and influential distributors of Italian made products that he passionate ships in from Italy. The interview was set inside Anthony’s 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse while we were their to talk about Italian ingredients like chesses and oil Tony spoke his mind about his heritage and how he feels today’s younger generation had better realize that it will soon be their turn to carry the torch of the Italian culture. A great interview with some real funny moments, Keith said he really looks forward to editing Tony’s piece many outtakes for sure…..

videophotographer Kevin Hewitt 
wrestling Director / Producer Keith
Famie for a plate of pasta
Joe Vicari Watching his favorite dish lasagna be filmed
Pasta being hand rolled... a little lunch with Joe
Set up for Tony's filming...Light was stuck Tony with his cheeses in his huge cooler
Some wonderful Italian cheese Tony showing off a percectly sliced peice of Proccuto
Joe and Tony together