October 14th
Pasta and Art

Freashly made pasta
Our day began at the freshly made pasta company of Pierino Guglielmetti in Lincoln Park. Pierino was raised in a town of Guardia Piemontese located in the province of Cosenza in Southern Italy. as his story will explain Pierino along with his children run an amazing fresh made pasta company. Their products can be found many of the major markets including Nino Salvaggio's. Pierino was a very wisdom rich interview that will surely be inspirational to all who see this.

Concreate art
Silvio Barile is one of our most interesting interviews to date, artists by nature are people who express themselves through their work. Silvio express his entire culture with such deep passion that they is nothing more to be said. We were so fortunate to have been introduced to him by his close friends who best understands this complicated artist best probably because he is so complex himself. Sergio De Giusti one of Detroit's most revered artist explained his affection for Silvio's work and really felt we should meet him, we are glad we did.