September 28th
While we all sleep Nino Salvaggio buyer shops

Its 4:30 am and Mike Santoro is already hours into his day. Trained by one of the best produce buyers of all time Nino Salvaggio . Mike takes his job very serious and with a great deal of passion.Not one to back down on an issue of quality or haggle over a nickel to get the best price for his customers. Armed with a grocery shopping list for his Nino Salvaggio markets that would stagger the every day shopper or any chef from a restaurant for that matter. Mike's respect of his years walking the long halls of the Historical Detroit Terminal is apparent from everyone he comes in contact with. Most of these vendors like Mr. Philip Riggio from Aunt Mids are third generation and as passionate about his produce and the quality he is able to bring to the local market as if he's a painter of a masterpiece, hes not afraid to tell you that his produce talks to him and he knows the quality of a head of lettuce by the sound it makes front his touch...maybe to many really early mornings at the terminal over the years have had an impact on him but one thing is for sure he knows his stuff and his three sons have stepped right into his shoes to carry on the heritage of one of Detroit's most prominent and respected Italian families of the produce business.

Owner Philip D. Riggio and the crew of Aunt Mid's

Tony from Roayal Bannana showing Mike from Nino's Salvaggio the quality of his product

Mike Santoro from Nino's checking melo quality

Mike and Vince the awtermelo guy from Rocky produce

Mike and Jeff Abrash from Andrews Brothers..
checking out plums

A proud produce buyer and his truck...Mike Santoro from Nino

A proud father Mr. Philip Riggio and his sons Vincent, Philip Jr.
and Dominick..all in the business