September 20th
Signora Rina gives emotional look back to her partner/husband Adriano Ed Barbieri Jr. at Da Edoardo in Grosse Pointe Woods.

Today’s production was one of our most emotional ones. Rina Tonon, of Café Cortina, reflected upon the love story between herself and her immigrant husband, Adriano, and their dream of opening up a restaurant of their own. In 1976, Café Cortina opened their doors, and Rina and Adriano finally achieved their dream, and lived it for the next 17 years together, until Adriano passed away from cancer. Rina’s description of her early life with her husband, and their passion for the restaurant business, was very touching and emotional. Now she and her son, Adrian run the restaurant and business is definitely going well for them. Rina went into detail about the philosophy of their cooking, and how they do things a little bit differently. Café Cortina actually raises a great deal of their own produce. Adrian explained how they like to keep their food “peasant” in style and cook like they would 100 years ago.

Next on our agenda was an interview with Edward Barbieri Jr. at Da Edoardo Restaurant in Grosse Pointe Woods. The child of an immigrant restaurateur, Edward took over the business from his father, Edoardo Barbieri several years back, after working together for 12 years. Ed gave great insight to the relationship between him and his father, and what it is like to be the child of an immigrant. Ed has continued the tradition in the restaurant that his father started, serving traditional Italian foods from the Moderna region of Italy.. Once again, we were able to film and sample the dishes of Da Edoardo.

Adrian , a great interview

a wonderful warm fidg salad at Cafe Cortina

Ed Jr. talking with Keith

an incrediable ricotta ravioli creation by Ed jr