Says Lou Cyccone, manager of All The King’s Men Chess Supplies in Warren’s Universal Mall, “Chess is a wonderful way for older people to exercise their minds.  Bruno has been a member here for about five years now, and when he comes to play—he’s still a good player at 99—we realize that we are in the presence of history.”

Bruno Nowicki, the multi-talented subject of one of our most amazing ‘Our Polish Story’ interviews, counts championship-level chess playing among his most beloved pastimes.  Having learned the game at six in his native Poland, Bruno’s ninety-three years of practice holds him in good stead when he visits Cyccone and the members of the Universal Chess Club in Warren.  His own take on the fascinating game mirrors Cyccone’s:  “Learning chess at a young age can go a long way to overcoming challenges and temptations throughout life.”

Nowicki is also a strong supporter of chess programs as part of the school curriculum, believing that it is a vital weapon in the fight against delinquency because it helps kids sharpen problem-solving skills and teaches lessons about consequences.  “Chess makes you think before you act.  If a kid becomes proficient in chess, it means that he (or she) has learned to analyze moves ahead of time, and to anticipate what they will mean.”

Bruno has played against the highest caliber champions in the world, including Bobby Fischer, so his point of view is well worth considering in person some weekend afternoon if you happen to be strolling Universal Mall.  For a chess lover, you can brush shoulders and challenge matches with some of Michigan’s top players, and if you have only a casual interest in the game, it’s fascinating to watch chess minds at work at all states of their individual development.

Universal Chess Club
Universal Mall
28760 Dequindre
Warren MI
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MON-SAT: 10:00am-8:30pm
SUN: 12:00noon-4:30pm
 (586) 558-4790

Notes: All ages/strengths welcome! Sets provided; clocks for rent. Snacks & Beverages available


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