The Poland Production
By Keith Famie
Executive Producer

When we returned home from Poland it was only days before the start of a whirlwind weekend of filming Easter preparations and celebrations.  It’s only now as I sit on a flight to Florida with my kids that I get a real chance to reflect on my own personal feelings and experiences of our journey through Poland.

Our trip was carefully orchestrated by Barbara Lisiecki and her daughter Olenka.  Barbara is the owner and founder of the Sunset Travel Agency and she planned every detail of our travels though Poland.  She made sure we never once had a problem.  This careful attention to detail allowed me and my team from Visionalist Entertainment Productions to concentrate and focus on the wide range of landscapes and deep personal stories we were able to document.

Having traveled in my lifetime to so many places on this planet, I am ashamed to admit that my passport has never acquired a stamp at the border of Poland.  First let me just clearly say if you have never been, you need to go and by all means have Barbara Lisiecki set your adventure up for you.

Our trip to Poland and the ability to capture Poland’s countryside tell the stories of her people and re-unite a very special 83 year old previous member of the Home Army with her childhood best friend was nothing more than a great idea that I never though was going to happen. 

I had a chance to present my vision to Toni Wisne Sabina.  Toni, (whose last name could really be Wisniewski  as her father changed it some years ago) without hesitation, immediately agreed to sponsor the production in Poland, a major commitment.  After six days of filming day and night, I can tell you it would have been as tragedy not to have these segments and footage in this rare look at Detroit’s Polish Community.

I deeply suggest you take the time to read through our website which is carefully and passionately documented by the whole team here at Visionalist.  Writer Chris Kassel’s approach to all of the productions he documents is very insightful but his account of what we all experience in Poland is especially perceptive. 

At this stage of production, we have filmed over 60 hours of footage.  By the time we are done, we will have filmed at least 70 hours.  I am confident that this rare look at the Detroit Polonia will be nothing short of inspiring and moving.

These past eight months of production will all come down to a one hour, commercial free, primetime special on June 16th.  Stay tuned.

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