We decided to get an upclose look at how a five thousand year old practice is still alive and thriving today. So, we stopped by the Yoga Shelter in West Bloomfield Hills to observe a class. Below is a message from the owner of Yoga Shelter, Steve Feldman.

I am Steve Feldman. Welcome to the rest.
Throughout my career, I have worked in a number of different industries, and the common denominator has always been profit. Beyond making money, I never gained a sense of fulfillment in my work that I was looking for, and thankfully 15 years ago, it began to bother me. Since then, I have been on a path of recovery and discovery, working to align my career with something more than commerce...connection, connecting with people and with something greater than all of us.

Yoga Shelter is the fruition, a place where people from all walks of life can come together as a community while discovering and deepening their practice of yoga, a phenomenon that has provided me with newfound insight into life and led me to start this endeavor. The joy and calm are contagious, and I get a rush out of sharing something so cool and clarifying with people.

I am not a stranger to fitness and exercise, have somewhat compulsively been running, working out and beating up my body with competitive impact sports my entire life. Since beginning my yoga practice the positive effects have been profound. Physically, pain in joints has been alleviated and my range of motion and flexibility is increasing all while I have learned to relax and stay more present in the moment.

For me, spirituality is found by looking inside and being open to learn and experience life outside of the box that I sometimes find myself in. Every day with yoga has been a character refining experience for me. It is my hope that everyone will visit one or more of the Yoga Shelters and experience, for themselves, the positive energy generated from this safe, loving environment.

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