On Saturday August 16th, the Visionalist team was in attendance at the wedding of Supriya and Sachit.   The magnificent occasion was held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Dearborn.  Not to our surprise, the sum of the day’s events added up to be one of the most vibrant cultural weddings we have ever attended.  The food, the music, the attire, and the ceremony were saturated with traditional Indian elements.  The banquet hall was adorned with an elaborate Indian alter and statues of the Indian deity Ganesh, who removes obstacles and brings wealth and success. 

We arrived in time to see the Baraat, which is the traditional arrival procession of the groom to the wedding location.  Historically, the groom would travel on horseback from his village to the awaiting bride, as friends and family sing and dance along the way.  Today this tradition is more of a symbolic gesture, and often a car takes the place of the horse.  This was the case for Sachit who was escorted by way of Mercedes to the awaiting crowd of family and friends.  Immediately following this was the ceremony.

The large hall was packed with friends and family, many from India.  Almost all dressed in traditional Indian attire. For someone who has never been to an Indian wedding, the traditions and rituals involved are very unique and can be difficult to understand.  However, the priest overseeing the ceremony did a wonderful job of explaining what each ritual represented, as it was happening.  After a series of different symbolic rituals, Supriya and Sachit were married.  That evening we came back for the reception. 

No matter what the culture, when two families come together to celebrate the union of two people they love, it is a great time.  Even still, there is something about the Indian hospitality and strong love and respect for the institution of family that made this day extra special.  We were honored to be guests, and we wish the bride and groom the best of luck as they start their new lives together. 





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