A call from Governor Jennifer Granholm may have been a highlight in the day of Narendra Sheth, but he peppered the dialogue with ease and humor, especially when the conversation turned to president hopeful Barack Obama, who the Governor strongly supports.  In pointing out Obama’s appear to young people, Sheth—whose thirty plus years as host of Geetmala is indicative of his seniority among local dee jays, quipped, “You’re suggesting that if I vote for him, you’ll think of me as a young person?
The comment was clearly enjoyed by Granholm; as was his further admission that as a non-native American, like Granholm (Canadian by birth), neither had much hope of a place on the vice presidential ticket.
Sheth’s ease with political luminaries may be in part because of the special tribute paid to him in 2004 by the Michigan Senate, in which Senator Hansen Clarke made the following pronouncement:  “Sheth has provided community service to the people of Michigan, and globally in the areas of humanity, ethnicity, education, music and cultural
activities.  In his 30 years of broadcasting services, he has promoted the social
activities and cultural events of over 50 professional, cultural and  religious organizations.”
These sentiments were echoed by Ramesh Verma, Chairman of the Michigan Indo-American Democratic Caucus, who was an invaluable part of the phone call with the Governor.
Also in the studio that day wee Seshu Yalamomchili and Manju Gulati from the amazing, expanding Bharatiya Temple, one of Detroit’s premier spiritual and cultural institutions.  They spoke eloquently about the programs the temple is offering for children, and the assistance offered to congregation parents throughout the formative years of early childhood.
Throughout the Visionalist crew was accompanied by the daughter of our dear friend B.N. Bahadur, Monica.  As a communications major now trolling the job market, Monica was a keen observer of the trials and tribulations of  a film shoot, but certainly familiar with the setting as her parents and Narendra Sheth are close friends. 
Incidentally, Sheth’s highly-rated show ‘Geetmala’ airs between eleven AM and one PM on Saturdays on WPON, 1460 AM.






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