To Western consciences as well as to Eastern, three days (June 20 – 22) held at Pontiac’s Parashakthi Temple was one of the most moving experiences of the summer. 

Beginning Friday morning with the trio of gatherings; Sri Narasimha and Maha Lakshmi Homam; Saligrama Abhishekam and Kalasa Sthapanam, it was a pleasure to witness the homam led by temple founder Dr. G. Krishna Kumar.  Later that day, there was a Pushpa Divasam for Lord Venkateswara and a Yantra Pooja with deeply interesting explanations by Guruji V. V. Sridhar.

On Saturday, the beautiful June morning began with Saligram Abishekam and was followed by the Sankalpam for Maha Yagnam performed by Platinum, Gold, Silver and Mahayagnam sponsors. Tanthra and Manthra Pratishta and Thirumanchanam (Abhishekam) for Lord Nrusimha rounded out the morning’s colorful and deeply significant rituals.

Saturday afternoon saw the opening activities of the Great Mahayagnam.  Conducted by Shri V.V. Shridhar Guruji: Mahasudarshana Nrusimha Danwantri Samputita Amruthanarayana Prayoga Mahayagnam and Poornahuthi - Grand Mahayagnam (Havan), the fascinating ceremony involved invocations of all devathas and special manthras to propitiate Lord Narayana (Mahavishnu, Venkateshwara).  Focus was on metaphorically beautiful stories of Lord Narayana, who presided over the churning of celestial ocean and brought out Amritham (Nectar of Life) to bless his people with long material wealth, happiness and spiritual life. It was ensured that participation in this Mahayagnam would bestow health, wealth and happiness.

In the evening, sponsors placed blessed Navarathnas given to them by the Temple in front of Divine Mother during ceremonies and enjoyed the benefits and energies of various homas.  Following which, there was a closing ceremony:
Sayanadhivaasam of Lord Venkateswara, Sridevi, Bhudevi, Garuda and Bhoga Srinivasa moorthy.

Sunday was an equally clear and Michigan-perfect morning, and devotees arrived early to participate in what, for many, was the weekend’s culminating ceremony the Nethronmileenam Installation of (Pratishta) of Lord Venkateswara, Sridevi, Bhudevi, Garuda and Bhoga Srinivasa moorthy as per Agamic rituals.  Although to our American eyes, the chants and movements were unusual, they were simply magnificent and fostered a fascination to learn more about this sect of Hinduism.  Gratefully, Dr. Kumar was able to spare a few moments in his busy day to outline a few of the temple devotees’ essential beliefs, and we look forward to a more detailed discussion with Dr. Kumar in an upcoming interview.  





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