And offshoot of the successful Bahadur & Associates, BBK has, since 1984, proven to be one of Michigan’s leaders in financial and manufacturing consultancy.  Operational guidance, especially in processes, is central to what BBK offers, and it is one of the first turnaround firms to provide such guidance using industry insiders with real-world experience.

Founder B.N. Bahadur points to BBK’s track record among numerous Fortune 500 companies, proudly displaying many of the Supplier of the Year Awards BBK has received from such major players as General Motors, and his ISO certification, which is a rare accomplishment from a professional services firm.

This growth and success, according to Bahadur, is the result of a phenomenal roster of professionals who work for him.  His personal knack is in finding the correct balance of experience, technical skills and personal commitment that allows his employees to integrate into various corporate cultures, recognize problems, and create solutions.

A modest man with a strong vision and core values which center on respect for individuals, Bahadur came to the United States from India in 1972 to pursue an MBA at Western Michigan University.  Now more than thirty years in the consultancy business, he has become one of the most proactive leaders in the industry.  Through his guidance, BBK has become a global powerhouse with offices in Shanghai and Frankfort as well as Chicago and New York.  Detroit, of course, remains his personal home base.

Today, BBK is an international business advisory firm with an expansive range of services and industries.  The motto ‘Move Forward’ is a strong one in troubled economic times, and Bahadur has proven again and again that his staff has the expertise to make it happen.






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