Compuware Arena

When we arrived at Compuware Arena the soccer fans began to fill the stadium.  The crowd continued to grow as the teams were warming up, but our anticipation wasn’t for the game.  Don’t get us wrong, we love soccer, but it was the pre-game ceremony that had us excited.  We were fortunate enough to get a few words from Detroit Ignition’s Kyt Selaidopoulos before the show.  He expressed his Greek pride and his love for the sport.  He told us that he was proud to live in Metro-Detroit.  As he ran into the locker room the lights dimmed and our anticipation grew.

At first, a beautiful rendition of the Greek and U.S. National Anthems was sung then dancers in traditional Greek costume took the field.  They entertained the crowd with traditional Greek song and dance that was absolutely dazzling.  The dancers’ devoted dedication to preserving Greek traditions and customs was an inspiring treat.


Bill Damas
Nick & Dean Becharas
Tom Giftos
Leo Stassinopoulos
John Hantz
Dr. Dimitri Pallas
Tasso Teftsis
Chris Chelios
Chuck Carson