Having filmed the wonderfully exotic and vibrant 84th Annual Cretan Dance in January, the Visionalist team was delighted to return to Warren’s Royalty House to see what sort of ‘do’ the Messinian Greeks would put on.

In a similar celebration of region and culture, the large group of Messinian Greeks (under President Tassos Tomaras) the  proved themselves the equals of the Cretans in terms of passion for the homeland and loyalty to the United States—nowhere better exemplified by the respectful, resounding singing of both national anthems.

Following blessings by Fathers Tom and Father James, the dinner began.

The Royalty House spread was up to its usual standards, of course.  The evening had begun with a beautiful spread of Greek mezethes, including meatballs, sausage, and the omnipresent olive selection.  Main course was nicely prepared prime rib followed by a selection of pastries from the Royalty House bakery.

Among the guests that we were delighted to meet were members of the Kyriakopoulos and Keros families.  These families represent the original coney island beginnings in Detroit in the 1910’s founding both American and Layayette Coney Island restaurants on Michigan Avenue and Lafayette.  Since then, the families have expanded their growth in the metro Detroit area and own and operate Kerby’s Koney Island and Koney Island Inn.

Also, we were fortunate that Royalty House owner Lambros Kapodistris was in from Florida and was able to talk a bit about his fabulous banquet hall, a favorite of Greeks and Cretans throughout Detroit.  Of course, as his daughter Roula points out, the elegant décor attracts all nationalities, and the weddings and banquets at Royalty House are multi-ethnic.

Kyklos (‘circle’ in Greek) dance group performed numerous classical line dances including the mysterious candle dance.  Afterward, the unflagging energy of the Greek people insured that the crowd joined in, and the dance floor soon filled with guests demonstrating the best of Old World enthusiasm.

The Royalty House
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