In nuptials worth of the finest Greek weddings, Madelynn and George Kaounas were married on September 2, 2007 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church by the Rev. Father Stratton Dorozenski.

The wedding followed many of the traditions that are uniquely associated with marriages among Greek Orthodox.  When Madelynn and George became officially engaged, for example, Father Stratton blessed the rings and the couple wore them on their left hand until the day of the actual wedding. At the wedding ceremony, Father once again blessed the rings, at which time the soon-to-be Mrs. Kaounas and George switched the rings to the right hand. During the wedding ceremony, both bride and groom were adorned with crowns connected by a single strand of ribbon. This signifies the union as well as showing the pair’s “rule” over their household.

A rollicking reception followed at trendy Mac and Ray’s on Lake St. Clair. 


Bill Damas
Nick & Dean Becharas
Tom Giftos
Leo Stassinopoulos
John Hantz
Dr. Dimitri Pallas
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