Having been featured in the June issue of Hour Detroit, Samaher’s inclusion in Our Arab American Story is one more step toward national recognition.  But, as the 26-year-old Dearborn fashion designer is quick to point out, “I’m an American Arab.”

The distinction is important to her.  “An Arab American is someone like my father, a proud immigrant to America, but someone who retains roots in the Middle East.  He’ll wake up in the morning and immediately switch on Al Jazeera (the Arabic broadcast network) for current events.  I’m American Arab—I was born here, lived in Dearborn my whole life, and when I want the morning news, I watch Good Morning America…”

A graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Mohammad holds bachelors in fine arts/fashion design. She is also a member of the Inaugural President's Advisory Council PAC.  She’s used her considerable success, which includes work with department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Sak's Fifth Avenue, well-respected fashion show like Fash Bash and General Motor's Original Metro Bridal Tasting fashion show as a springboard for her private label Zaynini, translated to ‘Make Me Beautiful’.  The hallmark of Zaynini is a nod to the traditional garments of the Middle East with a modern touch of glamour and beauty. 

“My fashion statement is the result of my upbringing,” says Mohammad, dressed an emblematic creation—a hand-embroidered thobe decorated with flags from the Arab world.  “I understand the Muslim mindset of modesty, and play to that, while keeping my garments beautiful and elegant.  Color plays an important role as does the traditional movement of Middle Eastern clothing, but everything with a modern outlook.  I think that it’s a personal statement—one of a kind.”

Her growing list of clients is proof that the fashion world agrees.


Russell Ebeid

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